Riverfront Property in Central Oregon

Upper Big Deschutes River outside of La Pine OregonRiverfront homes are one of the most sought after properties in Central Oregon.  Central Oregon offers many choices of river front property.  Pricing, style, age and type of home varies as much as the bends of the rivers.

The Big Deschutes River

The Big Deschutes River is navigational by motor boat, it is the widest and deepest of all 4 rivers in most places.  The River banks are private and public land.  Many of the homes located on The Big Deschutes River are located on what is often called the high side of the river.  When purchasing a property on The Big Deschutes River there are several things to keep in mind.  The water quality, the type of sewer, river setbacks and if there is a dock is it an approved dock?

The Little Deschutes River

The Little Deschutes River joins The Big Deschutes River at Crosswater Golf Course.  Several beautiful homes are located on The Little Deschutes River, such as Vandevert Ranch, Crosswater on the upper end and for more affordable homes Lazy River South is one of the most well known.  The Little Deschutes River is not generally navigated with a power boat or even a drift boat for any distance.  The Little Deschutes River does tend to have trees down and areas that are unexpectedly shallow.  Most of the recreational activities you will find on The Little Deschutes River is tubing, rafting, fishing and swimming.

Fall River

Fall River is a shallow river that is extremely beautiful.  The Fall River Fish Hatchery is located on this river along with the subdivision Fall River Estates.

Spring River

Spring River runs into The Big Deschutes River at Sunriver.  Homes on Cooper Drive are located on Spring River.  There are several homes currently for sale on this road, prices are varied from the high $400,000 to over a million.

Purchasing Riverfront Property

When purchasing property on any of these rivers there are things you need to know, there are issues that an experienced Realtor® should know and also will need to disclose to you.  I am available to answer questions and show you the beauty that Central Oregon has to offer.

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River Front Homes For Sale

I am a Principal Broker at Alpine Real Estate in Bend Oregon, here to help you with your Real Estate needs for Sunriver, La Pine, Sunriver, Caldera Springs, Crosswater, Bend, North Klamath County, Three Rivers South and all of Central Oregon.

When choosing a REALTOR® it is always best to choose one that knows the area. I not only know the area I have called it home since 1969.

Thesa Chambers, Principal Broker – who has written posts on Central Oregon Real Estate Info.


  1. Denise Halsey says

    We are actively looking for a home on the Dechutes/Spring River to buy .

    Please send me any info you might have.

    Thank You.

    Denise Halsey

  2. says

    There are numerous elements to consider when investing in Deschutes River real estate. Erosional forces are quite active along the river. The fishing is better along lower reaches where annual floews are more even. Any waterfront property investment deserves an inspection or evaluation of the particular property to ensure property stability as well as recreation quaulity into the future. It is ironic that so many waterfront properties are inspected for such things as mold and septic issues, yet evaluating the actual body of water is only considered by the most astute investors.

  3. says

    Your explanation of the Upper Deschutes River area does a nice job of helping interested parties understand which location might be best for them and their needs. There is much to know about the area and someone to help guide the search process is a must have for any buyer.
    Best Regards,

  4. says

    What is an “approved dock” Does that mean it’s approved by the county? Had a building permit? Or does somebody from the water way have to give their blessing on it?

  5. says

    Dena; that is a great question! An approved dock means that the county has approved the dock and it is good to stay. Docks are permitted so to speak but in general you must have at least 100 feet of river frontage to get the blessing on a dock. Sometimes neighbors will submit a request together to make up the 100 feet. The County actually will send a plane along the river to see if there are new docks… great question

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